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6 Tricks Increase Adsense CPC Easiest

6 Tricks Increase Adsense CPC Easiest - One of the factors that determine the size of the income of a Google Adsense publisher is the CPC, or better known as the CPC (Cost per click) in Adsense IDR.

As the name implies, CPC is a value that determines the price given by Google Adsense every time a valid click is made visitors to the ad.

The CPC value assigned to each ad varies, depending on the amount of bid provided by the advertiser. There is also a special algorithm owned by Google Adsense that serves to determine the price of advertising, which is none other than smartpricing.

Smart Pricing is a feature designed for advertisers not to incur substantial expense for unexpectedly natural clicks of ads or deliberate clicks (click exchange). For a publisher, smartpricing can have a negative impact because it will make the bid value of the affected blog to be low.

One of the factors that determine the increase of the income of a Google Adsense publisher is the CPC

In Indonesia alone, the normal price of clicks provided by Google for each click that occurs on the ad is priced between $ 0.03- $ 0.08 or equivalent to 300 to 800 rupiah per valid ad click.

If the CPC value is smaller than that, then it can be said that the publisher with his blog is being affected by smartpricing.

One of the factors that determine the increase of the income of a Google Adsense publisher is the CPC

But for some people, although the blog is not affected by smartpricing though, the value of normal CPC is not too able to satisfy the publisher, especially for those who depend his life from Adsense.

The reason, in addition to the price of clicks that are not so satisfactory, there are few visitors who want to take the time to click on ads, which makes their suffering (publisher) increasingly become-so.

By looking at this fact, many people start trying to maximize Adsense earnings in various ways, ranging from finding information on how to increase CTR or number of clicks, increase click rates, to cheat by doing Adsense blackhat to be able to increase their earnings up to many times folding.

One of the factors that determine the increase of the income of a Google Adsense publisher is the CPC

Overriding the Adsense blackhat technique that saves millions of risks, there are several ways you can apply to increase your Adsense earnings, and one of them is to optimize to increase the CPC value of your ads.

For more information, how to increase cpc adsense please read the following reviews regarding some of the methods that can be done to increase CPC Adsense ads:

Block ads with low prices

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, each ad has a different price, some give high pay, some are low, and all of this is determined by bid advertisers.

Little information, every advertiser network, such as Facebook Ads, Google Adword, and of course Google Adsense frees up advertisers to install bid or bid price ads. Instead of high bid, advertisers' advertisements will be more frequent and faster to publish to the public, on the other hand, if the bid is low, the ads will still appear, but the spread will be relatively slow, as they have to compete with other advertisers to bring their ads across Publisher sites.

In the spread of these ads, Google Adsense also frees publishers to choose which ads can be displayed on their site.

Well, if you want to increase the click price, you can eliminate low-priced ads and keep high paying ads.

To do so, you can simply block / block advertisers who provide cheap ads through the Google Adsense dashboard or use the help of a browser add-ons called Google Publisher Toolbar.

One of the factors that determine the increase of the income of a Google Adsense publisher is the CPC

When I want to block this ad, I recommend blocking ads that you think are offensive (because of the small amount of revenue they earn). If I myself, until now I still block ads with less than Rp.600, so that every time a visitor clicks on ads on my site, Rp.700 is definitely into the bag

Oh yes, I need to remind you not to be too eager to block ads, because if you block ads too much, it will make Adsense ads rare, not even appear on your site.

Make a blog bule

Different countries, different results, that's the thing that applies in Adsense.

One of the most effective ways to get a high-paying CPC / CPC is to get visitors coming from abroad.

Believe it or not, if there are visitors coming from United States (US), CPC with a fee of up to $ 1- $ 2 or about 13,000-26,000 per click is not impossible to feel, at the same time, this value is very inversely with the BPK Indonesia Which is very small.

But in accordance with the results obtained, the effort required to build and create a blog bule is not easy to get local traffic, in addition to the reason of language skills using foreign languages ​​are still lacking, the level of competition bule blogs are in a much different level when compared with blog Caucasians.

But if you get high cpc with blog bule, there are still many ways to get bule visitor, one of them is to promote blog in social media group of Caucasians.

That way, without the long time to build a blog to appear in search engines, you will still get the visitor bule, even in large numbers with a relatively short time.

Increase your ad visibility

Based on my experience, the higher the visibility of an ad, the higher the CPC the Google system provides for any highly visible ad.

The visibility I mean here is the percentage of ad visibility in the eyes of the visitor. The percentage of this ad's visibility will increase if the visitor duration sees an ad installed on the blog longer or longer.

To see what the ad's visibility value is on your blog, you can check it directly in the Adsense dashboard performance report. The ad's visibility will be marked with the name "Active View Viewable" or "Active View Viewable" and its value will be displayed in percent units.

I think, maybe Google Adsense would like if the ads installed on a site become more visible in the eyes of visitors, because it will bring benefits to the advertisers because the ads are more visible to the public. Therefore, the Google Adsense system will dare to provide a large CPC to sites that meet these criteria.

In addition to affecting CPC values, this ad's visibility will also affect the CTR / CTR value.

This is normal, because if the ads become more visible in the eyes of visitors, not surprising that the number of clicks that occur will also increase.

Choosing a niche blog with a high price

In addition to having different levels of competition, niche blogs also become one of the factors that determine Google Adsense CPC.

Typically, niche blogs with high CPC values ​​are relevant to the types of ads that appear most frequently in Google Adsense, because at the time of advertising dissemination, advertisers will compete with other advertisers in the 'sorting' of which ads are first shown to the publisher's site. In order for ads to spread faster, they have to put a high bid on advertising, because the higher the bid, the greater the priority of advertising to spread on the publisher site, as well as vice versa.

Because there are advertisers who want their ads to be the biggest fast, they are forced to place high bid on ads.

I myself have gained experience when I manage blogs with health niche, which is one of the niche with the most difficult level of competition. Although traffic is still low, while managing this health blog, I find myself finding a $ 0.1 CPC for each ad posted on my site and this does not only apply for one day, but on an ongoing basis (up to now still a value CPC at a value of $ 0.1).

Of course I feel happy, because usually I only get a CPC worth $ 0.03- $ 0.07 just when managing blogs with content gado-gado.

By looking at this fact, I draw the conclusion that niche can affect the value of CPC of Google Adsense ads.

Ads placement

As you know, more familiar ad placement is called a way to increase the CTR value, or the percentage of visitors clicks on ads. But maybe only some of us are aware that ad placement also affects the value of CPC ...

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When publishers to place ads in the section above the fold, or in the Indonesian language can be translated as 'page above the fold', as well as spots that have 'important role' more, the Google system will deliver an ad with CPC values ​​are relatively larger in lieu From providing a good placement of ads on blogs.

This point does have something in common with the 3rd point in this article, where as the ad's visibility increases, the CPC value on the ads on the site will be upgraded.

Meet blogs with information-rich articles

In accordance with the quality of articles created, higher pay will certainly be given on sites that present quality articles and rich information.

I used to do a number of experiments to compare whether the quality of articles influenced the value of CPC Adsense ads or not, and the result was quite satisfying my curiosity.

In an experiment, I tried to compare 2 blogs, one blog I filled with articles with length 300-500 words, and the other blog I fill with articles with word count more than 600 words. First blog I refer to me as a blog that poor information (because of its not so detailed, including into the category of standards to appear on the first page of search engines with keywords that have low competition), and the other I call the blog that is rich in information, because The explanation described there is given in detail, about what is described on a topic discussed in the article I am writing.

When running this experiment, I realized that there is a big gap, where the second blog is more 'successful' when compared with the first blog, both in terms of income (Adsense) and traffic gained.

Most of the articles on the second blog get a lot of good positions in the search engines, inversely proportional to the first blog that still nyantol on the second page and third search engine, which in turn causes the blog can only be satisfied with the lack of visitors who visit the first blog.

Long story short, the first blog is a big failure when viewed in terms of traffic gained.
Then, what about the income earned?
Of course, the second blog is still ahead.

Thanks to the large number of visitors visiting the blog, the number of clicks that occurred on the ads was enough to make me smile broadly.

In addition, it turns out the more dense and long the information presented on an article, the CPC value given to the ad will increase.

Unexpectedly, the value of the CPC given in a second blog has a more expensive price, where I was given the stable payment of $ 0,07- $ 0.1 on each click, different from the first blog just to get the CPC with a standard price for the blog Indonesia In general, which is around $ 0.03- $ 0.7 only.

If viewed in terms of logic, Google may be more appreciative and prioritize blogs with information-rich content to serve ads with higher bid, because the effort required to build a blog with this criteria is more difficult than a blog carelessly.

That way, I conclude that an information-rich blog will get a larger CPC score than a poor information blog.


More or less are some of the things I can tell related about how to increase the click price or CPC of Google Adsense ads.

If you are in doubt or confused by what is described in the above article, if you wish, please leave a feedback in the comments column that contains the doubts you are feeling, and if possible, I will answer your feedback as soon as I can.