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Easy Google Adsense Tips Most Successful

Easy Google Adsense Tips Most Successful - Google is not only popular thanks to the advanced search engine pages that prove to be beneficial to many people. But the company based in Mountain View, California, United States is also famous through the proven Google AdSense service pay.

Anyone can have huge earning potential from Google AdSense. Just know how to become a publisher in Google AdSense.

If at this time you may be interested in earning income via the internet. You can start by becoming a blog publisher. Next work with this popular Google service, to show ads that are on Google AdSense on your blog.

Easy yes? At a glance it sounds easy. But believe me, not a few publishers who try to cooperate with Google's best advertising co-service is rejected.

I myself am thankful for the input of a friend and the best guidance of a Master. I did not feel the rejection of Google, when I first signed up to be a publisher in Google AdSense.

Anyone can have huge earning potential from Google AdSense.

But post-banned large-scale done by Google, I forget exactly the date and month how. If not wrong around the year 2012 or 2013's. I finally had time to feel also rejected many times when trying to reapply a new publisher in Google AdSense.

But fortunately thanks to understand the content of rejection posted by Google AdSense support team via email. And following the Google AdSense support team guide, I finally re-registered to be a new publisher in Google's popular advertising service.

There are a number of mandatory Google AdSense requirements and criteria that are required to be listed as a publisher in Google AdSense.
Well, one of the guidelines for publishers registered in Google AdSense. Yes, we must meet all the requirements and criteria required by the Google AdSense.

In order to minimize the risk of rejection when registering in Google AdSense. Nothing wrong you read this post in a relaxed position to the end.

Tips Successful Google Adsense Publisher

Anyone can have huge earning potential from Google AdSense.
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What is Google AdSense

For those who have long been an AdSense publisher would already know what is Google AdSense. So what about some of those who might just want to become a publisher in Google AdSense?

It is strongly recommended to know Google AdSense first. Because, do not know then no love.

Google AdSense is Google's premium advertising service, experienced in collaboration with thousands of advertisers around the world.

Furthermore, publishers listed on Google AdSense may display Google AdSense partner ads on their blogs.

In simpler language, Google AdSense is Google's partner advertising service distributed through Google AdSense publisher blog.

Google AdSense Superiority

Those who are already publishers in Google AdSense may agree with me. That, Google AdSense is superior to some other advertising services.

Some of the benefits of Google AdSense that I feel are very transparent data reports. And most importantly the publisher commission payment is always on time

Google Adsense Weakness

Although superior, still Google's premium advertising service has a weakness.

The first drawback, it is not easy for publishers to instantly be accepted into Google AdSense and display ads on their blogs.

Hence many experienced publishers to date continue to share content that continues to discuss the methods of becoming a publisher in Google AdSense.

The second weakness, Google banned no compromise even without prior notice.

How to Become a Successful Publisher in Google AdSense

When Google has fully accepted and activated your Google AdSense Account. I can already congratulate you. You have been successful in meeting the criteria and requirements as a publisher on Google AdSense.

And the next success needs to be achieved is how to earn AdSense revenue.

This is a tough and challenging job that every Google AdSense publisher has to endure.

But, not a little publisher who managed to finish the job. And managed to earn a great income thanks to Google AdSense. So what ways should be done in order to become a successful publisher in Google AdSense?

Creating Quality Content - Quality content is content that is informative to all readers. And provide solutions to the problems facing the reader.

Build quality backlinks - By doing a proper backlink development technique (No Spam), it can boost your Authority Page and Domain Authority blog.

Diligent Promotion - Utilizing social media as a means of free or paid promotion. Proven to make your blog more widely known by all Internet users.

Always Add Insight - Never feel full, always add your insight as a publisher. You can join forums that specifically discuss blog optimization and Google AdSense optimization.

Pray, Chastity and Gratitude - Always pray, especially when you will publish new quality content on your blog. Leave all affairs to Allah Almighty, the Almighty. And always grateful for the results and efforts that have been done during the build blog.


So the way to become a publisher in Google AdSense is to sign up first to Google services. Either sign up using an informative quality blog or use a YouTube account with a useful channel.

Tips Most Successful Google Adsense Publisher is not easy. But if it is regularly performed consistently, consistently and consistently, it is not impossible to barbanding straight with your AdSense earnings. Amen, Greetings.