Pay-Per-Click Advertising Options That Are Not Google or Bing Highly Recommended

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Options That Are Not Google or Bing Highly RecommendedNever give up on monetizing PPC ads on blogs that you have been building for a long time. 

Because the best alternative has emerged to motivate you to increase income.

Pay per click advertising (PPC), if you can use it correctly, then this is the best way to convert visitors to your site into money.

By utilizing the high traffic of visitors to your site, this is the best opportunity to collect dollars from advertising in the blog.

Some reasons why people use alternative PPC ads other than google or bing.
  1. You are always denied ad service providers many times when registering
  2. The blog that you manage still does not meet the requirements to become a publisher.
  3. You are not free to manage blogs because of the strict advertisement provider regulations.
  4. Too long waiting for the payout from the ad provider because it must be above the minimum payout that can be entered into the account.

Do not despair, when you read this article it can be your passion in managing a blog that has long been motivated by the existence of several PPC advertising alternatives that you can install on your blog.

The Best PPC Advertising Alternative This Year

1. Adnow

I think this is the right alternative to rank first from alternative PPC ads other than Google and Bing.

Because this Adnow ad can be directly intercepted along with Google Adsense ads, this is a perfect collaboration to increase your income.

2. 7Search

7Search is a 2nd tier network and does not act as a replacement, but rather a great addition to help advertisers gain traffic from the 10% of traffic that Google and Bing don’t have. Savvy PPC bidders can find some real bargains here for long tail kinds of terms.

3. Chitika

Chitika is also one of the best adsense alternatives that can be directly juxtaposed with adsense ads. The types of ads from Chitika are mostly contextual based on Search Targetted Ads with relevant ads.